Sunday, March 31, 2019

Love Ain't No Soap Opera (Shadybrook Series Bk 1)

 It’s Mayberry meets Daytime Drama! A curvy Southern soap fan falls for a bad boy soap heartthrob in this Christian romance seasoned with humor and Southern charm.
If there is one lesson that Selah Morgan has learned from years of watching daytime television, it’s that life is more exciting if you are young, rich, and skinny. Ahh, soap opera . . . the land where women are strong, cherished, and cellulite-free, loved ones are never really dead, and irritating people can be recast. Praying for that kind of life, the thirty-something fears she’ll suffocate if she can’t escape her hick hometown, Shadybrook, Virginia, her plus-size body, her failing business, and her feuding family.
It’s almost too good to be true when she wins a trip to New York City and the opportunity to be the SoaperFan for her favorite show, The Winds of Change, as part of a publicity stunt. As she and troubled soap heartthrob, Cane Ashton, work together to save the struggling soap from cancellation, can she trust his growing affections or will her insecurities, his dark secrets, and her meddling momma cost her a dream job and a chance at love in the afternoon?
I write to empower and uplift women struggling with their body image and faith. My dream is that one person who reads my work will look in the mirror and, instead of repeating her daily “I’m so ugly, I’m so fat” mantra, says, “I am so loved.” God has shown me that, through writing, He can turn broken pieces and broken people—like a mosaic made of shattered glass and stone—into something beautiful. 
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