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Clement: Boy Knight of Normandy

Clement is no ordinary thirteen year old boy. He lives in a castle in 12th century Normandy. After helping Adalbert on his quest to find a long lost treasure, Clement and his friend Dagena return for another adventure. This time, Clement must overcome the evil ambitions of his wicked uncle, Sven the Terrible! Prepare yourself for some medieval action and excitement that you will not soon forget. This is the first book in a planned trilogy. Clement and Dagena first appeared in the novel Adalbert.

Craig R. Hipkins

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About the author

Craig R. Hipkins grew up in Hubbardston Massachusetts. He is the author of medieval and gothic fiction. His novel Adalbert is the sequel to Astrolabe written by his late twin brother Jay S. Hipkins (1968-2018)

He is an avid long distance runner and enjoys astronomy in his spare time.

 Amazon Review

Clement: Boy Knight of Normandy by Craig Hipkins is a very fun and exciting read for anyone who enjoys young adult and teen novels. Our story reintroduces us to Clement, a teenager who has just returned from an adventure where he was searching for lost treasures. Clement learned much on his last adventure in terms of leadership and what it will take to be a knight. But, as one of his soldiers points out early on in the novel, he still has much to learn in terms of discipline and leadership before he can truly command and lead by example, let along take conttol of the kingdom that was left to him after his father passed away. Now, Clement and his friends Dagena and Olaf others must work together in order to stop Clement's evil uncle, Sven the Terrible, from taking control of the land that rightfully belongs to Clement.
I found this to be a really exciting read. The action picks up early on and stays consistent throughout the novel making it a fast and very enjoyable read. The characters are well developed and the setting works very well with the events of the narrative. The story flows well and is nicely edited. I look forward to the next installment in the series and where it will take our characters.

Content Rating

 Drug Content: G - There is a little casual drinking in a few places.

Violence: PG - Tragic accidents leave people somewhat mangled. There is no intentional harm done here. No graphic descriptions either. 

Language: PG - There are a few scattered mild expletives.

Adult Content: G - There is romance and some kissing. 

Christian content: The protagonists of this book grapple with the presence of God amidst their trials, yet they cling resolutely to their faith. The narrative underscores the importance of attending church and intermittently portrays the family engaging in nightly prayers. Requests for healing and protection through prayer are frequent occurrences. Additionally, the concept of individuals entering heaven upon death is explored through discussion. The protagonist's journey is marked by raw conflict, profound acts of self-sacrifice, and the development of remarkable depth in character, leaving a profound impact on the reader.



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Friday, March 15, 2024


 The Kalico Kids are puppets created for use in Junior church classes. Scripts and stories, teach Biblical principles through imagined scenarios to which children can readily relate. Any puppet can be used. The stories are fun and the scripts can be used in class or Bible School. The material was created by the author including homemade puppets.



About the author

I have been writing for twenty-five years. My favorite resource is scripture. A hunger for God’s Word took me to the campus of Precepts International in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There I learned the Inductive Bible Study method, which completely changed the way I view scripture.

I served for five plus years in a local chapter of CONTACT USA. While there I served on the board of directors and as a crisis line specialist. In addition I am certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors in Caring for People God’s Way. I remained an active member until 2005. I am currently retired.

After becoming a Christian, my desire to write and quest for answers were dedicated to understanding God’s message to man. What exactly was He saying and why were there so many different interpretations? As a result, I became an avid student of scripture. My book ‘Spiritual Compass’ contains excerpts from various articles written over the years. It also takes the reader on a simple walk through the Word of God and offers insights derived from the personal journey of others.

I am a widowed grandmother of eight, retired and living in Southwestern Virginia.

Amazon Review 

This is an entertaining book written for grammar school age children. Its length is perfect for that audience and though the content is different, it is sort of reminiscent of Beatrix Potter’s books. However, the author uses puppets instead of animals, which is effective in its delivery. This book would be one for a parent to read to their child before bed. I imagine it would leave a lasting impression as there are moral lessons throughout. The chapters are not too long so it would be perfect to read one each night. The illustrations are also effective. Well done!

Content rating

Drug: – 0

Language: - 0

Violence: – 0

Adult: – 0

Christian Content: - This story teaches that conveying Biblical principles to children can be made enjoyable and relatable through creative means like using homemade puppets and fun scenarios. It emphasizes the importance of engaging young learners in a way that resonates with them, highlighting that the method of delivery is key to effectively imparting moral and spiritual lessons.





Thursday, March 14, 2024

From the Plains to the Sea


A gripping tribute to the men who served aboard the USS Boyd in the Pacific during World War II. Based on true events as seen through the eyes of a fictitious sailor who grew up in the high plains of Colorado. It's a tale of bravery and the desire to avenge the most dastardly attack against America.

The book chronicles the journey of just one of the crew from the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor to the climactic end of the war. It looks back on his life, which is an all too common example of what many young men faced growing up during the Great Depression.

The ship and its crew face many hardships along the way and in the end they are there for each other.

I have been writing historical fiction novels since I retired from the Insurance industry. I have a lifelong love of history and enjoy sharing my accumulated knowledge. I was born and raised in Colorado and Wyoming. I served in the US Navy. My wife and I have three grown daughters and two grandsons.


Amazon Review 

From the Plains to the Sea, by Danny Bradbury is an awesome read! I, like most females, do not usually read much about war. This book turned out to be well worth the time invested.
The author tells this story as if he was actually the young man from Colorado who lived during the Depression and II World War. His depiction of events is realistic, exciting, and extremely entertaining.
Major events in the story include a difficult upbringing, living during the Depression, and three years spent on a Navy vessel in the heat of the conflict. He speaks of the conflict in Iwo Jima and Okinawa as well as many others. The main character also survived a major attack against his ship which left both physical and emotional scars.
This young man made it through the war, came back to finish high school and college, and obtained a degree in engineering. Great story!

Content Rating:

 Drug content: None 

Violence content: Non-graphic battle

Adult content: None

Language content: No cursing

Moral content: In times of adversity, camaraderie and unity among comrades prevail, showcasing the resilience and courage of those who serve in the face of immense challenges.



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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Bandy by Craig Hipkins


Isaac’s only friend is a passenger pigeon named Bandy. He deludes himself in believing the bird talks to him. Bullied, he is resigned to a life of being the misunderstood bookworm by neighboring boys until a disastrous fire kills his parents and little sisters, sparing only his younger brother, Thomas. He and Thomas are taken in by their Uncle Raymond, an abolitionist, who plans to send Isaac to Virginia to buy Joy, a young slave with debilitating health, from her slave owner, Wil Jericho. Shortly after arriving in Virginia, Isaac learns the ugly truth. The butler who accompanied him on the journey killed his uncle before leaving and plans to do the same to Isaac to steal Raymond’s estate.

Isaac, with Joy, escape into the backwoods of Virginia. Discovering passages of the Underground Railroad, stowing away in carriages, hiding in churches, and outwitting the mercenaries hired by Jericho, the two teens fight tooth and nail to make it to Boston before they’re caught. Will Joy be taken from this life by sickness before she’s found freedom? On their journey, they learn a lot about each other. Isaac promises to bring Joy to Bandy's pond, a heavenly place where peace and serenity reign.

About the author

Craig R. Hipkins

Craig R. Hipkins grew up in Hubbardston Massachusetts. He is the author of medieval and gothic fiction. His novel Adalbert is the sequel to Astrolabe written by his late twin brother Jay S. Hipkins (1968-2018)

He is an avid long distance runner and enjoys astronomy in his spare time.

Amazon Review

 "1860 Virginia" takes readers on an exciting journey through pre-Civil War America, weaving together themes of friendship, freedom, and resilience. Isaac, an orphan has a trusty pigeon friend, Bandy. He joins forces with Joy, a sickly slave girl, in a daring escape from a cruel master.

Their adventure is rapid narrow escapes and heart-pounding moments as they avoid capture and chase after their dreams of freedom. Along the way, they discover a newfound strength in themselves and in their bond with each other.

I found that the author skillfully captures the essence of the era, highlighting themes of bravery and the fight for justice. Isaac's pledge to take Joy to a serene spot by Bandy's pond resonates deeply, capturing their quest for a better life.


Drug Content: Isaac and Joy run into a drunk who threatens them. 

Violence: There is mild violence. Isaac is forced to defend himself and Joy against bad people who wish to do them harm. 

Language: No offensive language. 

Adult Content: None 

Christian or Moral Content: I consider this book to have a Christian ideology. Love, chivalry, friendship, & honor.



Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Of Secrets and Sorcery (A Prince of Lynvia Book 1) by Chris Solaas

 Middle School is the least of Kyne Goodrum's problems. That is, it would be if he could take his dragon along. When Kyne moves to a sleepy little town in Tennessee, he has no idea the house his family is moving into is 'haunted'. He begins having dreams of a world where dragons live, where magic really works, and for some inexplicable reason, everyone he meets is trying to kill him! He spends each day dealing with bullies and burned-out teachers, and each night running for his life. When's a guy gonna get some sleep? His only friend is a sarcastic dragon who seems to know much more than he's saying. Wounds that Kyne receives in his dreams last into his waking world, and he begins to wonder which world is real... Or are they both?



 Kyne Goodrum's middle school life is challenging, but it gets even stranger when his family moves to a supposedly haunted house in a quiet Tennessee town. What truly disturbs Kyne are his extraordinary dreams.

Kyne is transported to a dream world where dragons roam and magic is real, but his waking hours are filled with bullies and unenthused teachers.

In his dream world, Kyne's brash dragon companion hides many secrets. Strangely, Kyne suffers injuries that become real when he wakes up, blurring the line between the two worlds.

Author Chris Sollas skillfully combines adventure, suspense, and moral reflection in this gripping middle school mystery. It's a captivating journey that will enthrall both young readers and those young at heart, in the enchantment of storytelling and the wisdom of scriptures. Kyne's shift from an ordinary town to a dragon-filled world is an exciting adventure enriched with moral depth.


Drugs: There is no mention of drug or alcohol-related content, making it a suitable choice for a young audience. 

Violence: There are components like sword fighting, spears, arrows, and other combat scenarios typical of fantasy genres. These are portrayed in a manner appropriate for the book's target audience, generally pre-teens and young teens, and characterized as wholesome and suitable for young readers, with no emphasis on overtly violent or graphic material. 

Adult content: clean and age-appropriate book for a young audience, with a focus on fantasy and adventure themes rather than adult themes. 

Christian content: The story features scripture with moral reflections, prayer, and faith-inspired themes that may resonate with scripture, allowing readers to draw connections to religious themes without being strictly religious in content.

  Chris Solaas

Author Logo
About the author

Chris Solaas was born in Memphis, TN a half-century ago, the fourth child in a happy Norwegian/Italian family. He began writing stories at the tender age of 8. He was sure he was going to be a science fiction/fantasy novelist.

He graduated from the University of Memphis in Electrical Engineering, and began a career in Computer Programming. Things don't always work out the way you plan...

He still lives in the Greater Memphis area with a wonderful wife, four ADD children, and a bi-eyed snow-white monster dog that eats trees.

Somewhere in this mess, God took hold of him and shook him. Sort of like a terrier with a rat. Or a dad with His son. "What are you doing with the time and talent I gave you?"

"Uhhh... nuffin!" he said brightly.

Since then, he's been making up for lost time, writing songs and books for the glory of the King.

His passion is writing entertaining fantasy and Science Fiction stories with a Christian Worldview for kids like his four greatest fans.

You can visit his Author Website for news, contact information, and other cool stuff at www.lynvia.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Lynvia

Amazon: https://books2read.com/u/bzBlvG

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The Sacrifices of Men By Danny J. Bradbury

The gripping follow up to The Sins of Men. In this historical fiction novel, Peter Smith is faced with the dilemma of staying with his wife and unborn child or giving in to his calling to rejoin the fight for American independence.

Can a man crippled by war and the demons of his past make the right choice? Will his wife, Anne, be strong enough to support her husband’s decision? Finally, can the son of one of the British murdered officers from HMS Progress find the revenge he seeks against the cabin boy?

Danny J. Bradbury

I have been writing historical fiction novels since I retired from the Insurance industry. I have a lifelong love of history and enjoy sharing my accumulated knowledge. I was born and raised in Colorado and Wyoming. I served in the US Navy. My wife and I have three grown daughters and two grandsons.

Content rating:

Drug: No drug content.

Violence: PG13 for battle scenes.

Adult: content PG13

Language: G.

Moral: There is an internal struggle of the protagonist, Peter Smith, as he grapples with the choice between staying with his family or rejoining the fight for American independence. The story focuses on personal dilemmas and relationships.

Link: https://books2read.com/u/mBA9MN

Clement is no ordinary thirteen year old boy. He lives in a castle in 12th century Normandy. After helping Adalbert on his quest to find a ...