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Of Secrets and Sorcery (A Prince of Lynvia Book 1) by Chris Solaas

 Middle School is the least of Kyne Goodrum's problems. That is, it would be if he could take his dragon along. When Kyne moves to a sleepy little town in Tennessee, he has no idea the house his family is moving into is 'haunted'. He begins having dreams of a world where dragons live, where magic really works, and for some inexplicable reason, everyone he meets is trying to kill him! He spends each day dealing with bullies and burned-out teachers, and each night running for his life. When's a guy gonna get some sleep? His only friend is a sarcastic dragon who seems to know much more than he's saying. Wounds that Kyne receives in his dreams last into his waking world, and he begins to wonder which world is real... Or are they both?



 Kyne Goodrum's middle school life is challenging, but it gets even stranger when his family moves to a supposedly haunted house in a quiet Tennessee town. What truly disturbs Kyne are his extraordinary dreams.

Kyne is transported to a dream world where dragons roam and magic is real, but his waking hours are filled with bullies and unenthused teachers.

In his dream world, Kyne's brash dragon companion hides many secrets. Strangely, Kyne suffers injuries that become real when he wakes up, blurring the line between the two worlds.

Author Chris Sollas skillfully combines adventure, suspense, and moral reflection in this gripping middle school mystery. It's a captivating journey that will enthrall both young readers and those young at heart, in the enchantment of storytelling and the wisdom of scriptures. Kyne's shift from an ordinary town to a dragon-filled world is an exciting adventure enriched with moral depth.


Drugs: There is no mention of drug or alcohol-related content, making it a suitable choice for a young audience. 

Violence: There are components like sword fighting, spears, arrows, and other combat scenarios typical of fantasy genres. These are portrayed in a manner appropriate for the book's target audience, generally pre-teens and young teens, and characterized as wholesome and suitable for young readers, with no emphasis on overtly violent or graphic material. 

Adult content: clean and age-appropriate book for a young audience, with a focus on fantasy and adventure themes rather than adult themes. 

Christian content: The story features scripture with moral reflections, prayer, and faith-inspired themes that may resonate with scripture, allowing readers to draw connections to religious themes without being strictly religious in content.

  Chris Solaas

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About the author

Chris Solaas was born in Memphis, TN a half-century ago, the fourth child in a happy Norwegian/Italian family. He began writing stories at the tender age of 8. He was sure he was going to be a science fiction/fantasy novelist.

He graduated from the University of Memphis in Electrical Engineering, and began a career in Computer Programming. Things don't always work out the way you plan...

He still lives in the Greater Memphis area with a wonderful wife, four ADD children, and a bi-eyed snow-white monster dog that eats trees.

Somewhere in this mess, God took hold of him and shook him. Sort of like a terrier with a rat. Or a dad with His son. "What are you doing with the time and talent I gave you?"

"Uhhh... nuffin!" he said brightly.

Since then, he's been making up for lost time, writing songs and books for the glory of the King.

His passion is writing entertaining fantasy and Science Fiction stories with a Christian Worldview for kids like his four greatest fans.

You can visit his Author Website for news, contact information, and other cool stuff at www.lynvia.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Lynvia

Amazon: https://books2read.com/u/bzBlvG

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The gripping follow up to The Sins of Men. In this historical fiction novel, Peter Smith is faced with the dilemma of staying with his wife and unborn child or giving in to his calling to rejoin the fight for American independence.

Can a man crippled by war and the demons of his past make the right choice? Will his wife, Anne, be strong enough to support her husband’s decision? Finally, can the son of one of the British murdered officers from HMS Progress find the revenge he seeks against the cabin boy?

Danny J. Bradbury

I have been writing historical fiction novels since I retired from the Insurance industry. I have a lifelong love of history and enjoy sharing my accumulated knowledge. I was born and raised in Colorado and Wyoming. I served in the US Navy. My wife and I have three grown daughters and two grandsons.

Content rating:

Drug: No drug content.

Violence: PG13 for battle scenes.

Adult: content PG13

Language: G.

Moral: There is an internal struggle of the protagonist, Peter Smith, as he grapples with the choice between staying with his family or rejoining the fight for American independence. The story focuses on personal dilemmas and relationships.

Link: https://books2read.com/u/mBA9MN

Saturday, December 16, 2023

When the Sun Sets: A New Day Will Dawn



It was the aftermath of WWI and the Spanish influenza pandemic, and everyone seemed to be suffering from a loss from one or both. Daisy Malone, after losing her pa who worked at the Willard Estate in Chicago, was invited by her recently widowed Aunt Sally in Kansas to live with her on the farm.

Daisy was a pretty nineteen-year-old who suffered from ‘word blindness’ (dyslexia) that hindered her ability at finding a job with some labeling her as ‘slow’. However, her talents surrounded the ability to fix and repair items taught to her by her pa and the gift of being able to play music by ear.
Upon arriving in Glenbrook, she found her aunt in a disabled state following a fall and nursed her back to health. In the meantime, she soon became involved in the small town while attempting to hide her limitations, wanting to start over again. In doing so, she came upon many other families who also suffered recent misfortune and heartbreak with the need to heal.
In the meantime, their local church reopened again with a new pastor, who was a chaplain during the war. As handsome and charming as he was, all the young ladies flocked around him. However, Daisy knew she didn’t have the qualifications to be a good pastor’s wife. Despite initially attracting prospective beaus, would they maintain an interest once her limitations became known? Would she ever truly be accepted and fit in? Follow Daisy in her adventures to remain safe while attempting to overcome adversity in her search for acceptance and love. (This is a sweet and clean CF novel for all ages to enjoy.)
Amazon Review 
In the aftermath of WWI and the Spanish flu, Daisy Malone, a dyslexic yet gifted young woman, moves to her aunt's farm in Kansas. Navigating small-town challenges and nursing her disabled aunt back to health, Daisy's journey unfolds against the backdrop of a reopened local church and a charismatic new pastor.

Despite facing initial hurdles, Daisy's determination to overcome adversity shines through, offering a heartwarming exploration of healing and rebuilding lives after trauma.

Suitable for all ages, When the Sun Sets delivers a positive message of resilience, faith, and the transformative power of love. This beautifully crafted tale is both uplifting and impactful.


Drug Content:
PG – None - Alcohol- mafia/prohibition although main character doesn't imbibe but gets caught up in unexpected scenario...
G – None
G – None
Adult Content:
G – None
Christian content: Themes of resilience, compassion, community, and acceptance as Daisy Malone, facing challenges such as dyslexia and loss, strives to build a new life and contribute positively to her small town. It underscores the importance of honesty, authenticity, and the pursuit of meaningful relationships amidst adversity and the search for acceptance and love.


Thursday, November 30, 2023

Really? At Your Age?: A Better Late Romance by Jacqueline Diamond~By Chris Solaas @Lynvi


Really? At Your Age?: A Better Late Romance 

by Jacqueline Diamond

At 52, the doctor dares set her sights on love and motherhood!

Survivor of a painful divorce, Dr. Cody Matchett has a fulfilling medical career but no children. After a quake rattles her small town, she’s jolted into considering the fate of her frozen embryos—along with her long-simmering attraction to hospital attorney Ben Wright.

But as Cody seeks a lasting love and family, she and Ben uncover shocking secrets. Then there’s the tricky task of choosing a surrogate... a role for which Ben’s grown daughter volunteers!

My Take:

Dr. Cody Matchett appears to have it all together - a solid career in medicine at a local hospital in her small childhood California town. But appearances can be deceiving. She's managed to keep the attraction she has for the hospital attorney Ben Wright under control, since he's still loyal to his toxic wife murdered in a robbery. As if that weren't enough, Cody is 52 and can't have children, children she desperately longs for. A minor earthquake rattles Cody into considering the prospect of taking action on the six precious fragile frozen embryos she has in the vault. And it involves Ben too, as not only is his daughter being considered as surrogate mother to carry those embryos to term, he's the donor father for them as well!

As Cody tries to open dialogue with Ben about the embryos, Ben struggles with the attraction he feels for Cody, knowing that a relationship with her will prove difficult, as he's signed away any rights to the children they may have. And shocking secrets are about to hit the media that will upset both their lives.


Drug Content:
PG – There's some drinking in this, bottles of alcohol in the fridge, casual drinking. A minor character has a drug addiction and makes bad choices that lead to disaster. 
G – A murder occurred in the past, other than that, there's nothing at all.
PG – There are a few mild swear words.
Adult Content:
PG – There's adultery, pregnancy out of wedlock, discussion of fertility technology and sterilization surgery. There's a kiss or two but nothing further on screen.
Christian content:
Not much. There's some discussion of God, and a few characters pray. Still, there are positive character traits on display, such as loyalty, fidelity, diligence, and self-sacrifice. There are negative character traits as well, infidelity, murder, lying, and the like. Plenty of life as we know it.
Final Analysis:
I'm not usually a fan of lighthearted romances, but this one had me spellbound throughout. I can see why Jacqueline Diamond is a bestselling author. This book was well-written. The dialogue was on point, the settings were immersive, and the emotion raw and tangible. The characters were believable and the stakes were high. I found myself fully invested in the main characters and their struggles, unable to put the book down until the last page. I look forward to reading more by this author. Five Stars!

About the Author:
USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond has more than 100 novels to her name! A former Associated Press reporter and TV columnist, Jackie is best known for her Safe Harbor Medical romances (17 in all) and mysteries (four so far).

She is currently writing a series of romances about three sisters, all over 50, finding or rediscovering love. They are part of the Better Late collection of romantic comedies by Jackie and several other authors. Jackie's first romance in the series is Really? At Your Age?

Jackie has been honored with a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award. She and her husband, who have two grown sons, live in Southern California. You can learn more about her books at www.jacquelinediamond.net, where you can sign up for her free monthly newsletter. You can contact Jackie at JacquelineDiamondAuthor on Facebook or as @jacquediamond on Twitter.


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A Common Man: The extraordinary tale of an ordinary 21st Century businessman from South Carolina who attempts to stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln


The extraordinary tale of an ordinary 21st Century businessman from South Carolina who attempts to stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

 William Campbell is a modern, middle-aged business man who lives in upstate South Carolina along with his wife Linda. William is an average man who feels he has not left his mark on the world. A student of history and an avid reader, he has often wondered how the South would have fared at the end of the American Civil War had Abraham Lincoln been allowed to serve out the rest of his second term and prevent the damaging effects of reconstruction to the Southern states and how that has affected race relations ever since.

After having a particularly bad day at the office, William takes a walk to clear his mind, and subsequently suffers a massive heart attack and blacks out. He awakens to a large crowd of people trying to help him as he lies in the street. He is confused by the dress and manner of these people, and as he is being examined by the local doctor, comes to the uneasy realization that he has been transported back to 1865. As the reality of this sinks in, he realizes that he has been given a golden opportunity to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Over the next three months, William takes a harrowing journey north, at times by himself, and other times assisted by all manner of people. It is a journey of self-discovery and peril, testing the very limits of what he can endure to complete his mission.

As William travels on foot, by wagon, and train, he comes into contact with a population that has been impacted by four years of war. He is soon given the precious gift of a few days in Washington to plan out how he will prevent the assassination. During this time, he becomes emboldened by his prospects, and even though he wants to make it back to his family, he knows that he can’t fail in his mission.

The rest, as they say, is history...or is it?

~Amazon Customer Review~ 

When an ordinary man is transported to the past in an isekai-like manner (as we wonder if he's really dead???), he grasps for purpose and meaning in his odd situation, with no prospects at finding a way home.

In a concise setup that put me in mind of Stephen King's 11/22/63, William makes it his mission to stop the assassination of Lincoln. After all, he's the only one who possibly can!

The story was a fun cat and mouse chase up through New England as William sacrifices his health, relative modern innocence, and time to beat John Wilkes Booth to that fated moment of murder, with suspicious agents of the South's military hot on his trail.

Packed with intriguing historical details and a fresh perspective on what it really might have been like during the Civil War, this is a great read for fans of historical time travel fantasies!


 Drug content: None 

Violence: Non-graphic battle, but suspense with danger.

Adult content: PG 

Language: No cursing, 

Religious or Moral: Moral...determination and purpose, sacrifice, responsibility and courage.

About the author

Danny J. Bradbury

I have been writing historical fiction novels since I retired from the Insurance industry. I have a lifelong love of history and enjoy sharing my accumulated knowledge. I was born and raised in Colorado and Wyoming. I served in the US Navy. My wife and I have three grown daughters and two grandsons.







  Middle School is the least of Kyne Goodrum's problems. That is, it would be if he could take his dragon along. When Kyne moves to a s...