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Windows to the Past: Young Adult Short Stories

Collection of Action & Adventure Short Stories. A Rainy Night in South Florida - The rain pelted Mira with fury as she struggled against the angry wind. It was the worst storm to hit South Florida in several years, but Mira’s thoughts were not on the raging storm. Had it only been six years since that night? That awful sound of screaming tires and the crunch of metal as the car she was riding in slammed into the rear of the tractor-trailer. She was only ten when it happened but could still hear the sound of her screams as her mother’s blood soaked through her white cotton dress. Mira became a ward of the state that fateful night, just another number in the foster care system. The Long Journey Home - Sally sat motionless, staring out the window. Red and gold leaves danced in the wake of the bus as it sped along the highway. A burgundy stocking cap pulled low over her face all but hid her blonde hair. Fall was Sally’s favorite time of year, but today her mind wasn’t on the beauty of the countryside. How could things change so completely in such a short time? A tear spilled over and ran down her cheek. Her thoughts took her back in time to a different bus ride, just six weeks earlier. Bell Mansion Dragon - Kate’s heart beat faster as she approached the house. The old elm tree still stood tall and defiant against the cloudless sky. She had taken refuge there many times underneath the canopy of leaves. Her knees became weak as she saw the figure seated in the shadows beneath the tree. He turned looking deep into her eyes. Something there made her shiver. It seemed he was searching her very soul. What was he thinking? For years she had reminded herself every day of how much she despised John Bly. He was an evil man who seemed to take pleasure in causing others grief. However, what she saw today was a wasted, bitter, individual who could not possibly understand her reason for coming here. Strange Beachcomber - I was about to open my book when a movement in the corner of my eye captured my attention. It was a young girl, perhaps ten or so, she sat cross-legged at the edge of the water. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail but small wisps fluttered around her face. She seemed very intent on what she held in her hand. A few moments later she reached for her small sand bucket and dropped her item inside. I surmised it must be a shell. Suddenly her face broke into a huge smile and she started running toward an approaching figure. “Grammy, Grammy, look what I found, tell me what this one says.” Family Traditions - The old cabin was still standing. Not much to look at, just a small rectangle about 26’ x 26’. There were two rooms down and another two upstairs. The walls were covered with old newspapers. A little creek ran alongside the cabin and it would get very cold at night. The cracks in the cabin wall let in the cold air so grandmother would paper the walls with newspapers. She was resourceful always finding a way to accomplish what was needed. I think some of that spilled over on me.My brother and I lived here with my grandmother, Abbey. She could be very ‘contrary’ at times, as Aunt Mary put it. Yet she taught us to recognize and enjoy the real treasures of life. I wrapped my scarf tighter around my neck and started back down the road. Leaving made me sad. Soon there would be no signs left of grandmother’s way of life. History of a time my children and grandchildren would never know. Our world is ever changing but family traditions help keep the memories alive.


About the author, Rachel Jamerson

I have been writing for twenty-five years. My favorite resource is scripture. A hunger for God’s Word took me to the campus of Precepts International in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There I learned the Inductive Bible Study method, which completely changed the way I view scripture.

I served for five plus years in a local chapter of CONTACT USA. While there I served on the board of directors and as a crisis line specialist. In addition I am certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors in Caring for People God’s Way. I remained an active member until 2005. I am currently retired.

After becoming a Christian, my desire to write and quest for answers were dedicated to understanding God’s message to man. What exactly was He saying and why were there so many different interpretations? As a result, I became an avid student of scripture. My book ‘Spiritual Compass’ contains excerpts from various articles written over the years. It also takes the reader on a simple walk through the Word of God and offers insights derived from the personal journey of others.

I am a widowed grandmother of eight, retired and living in Southwestern Virginia.

Content Rating 

Language; No bad language at all.

Drugs/alcohol; None mentioned that I recall.

Violence; None that I recall.

Christian; There are bible quotes, talk of prayers, and God.

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Windows to the Past: Young Adult Short Stories are dramatic inspirational short stories, filled with great characters, each facing different circumstances. Rachel Jamerson and Jeanette Campbell have woven parts of their personal experiences into these tales dealing with hardship, struggles, and victories all too familiar to the human spirit. Though these stories take place in different eras the state of affairs are relatable and timeless.

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Don’t Be Silly! At My Age?: A Better Late Romance (Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances Book 2) by Jacqueline Diamond

They’re never too old for love lessons

 About the author

USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond writes romantic comedies, medical romances, Regency romances and mysteries—more than 100 titles!

A former Associated Press reporter and TV columnist, Jackie is known for her Safe Harbor Medical romance and mystery series, her Downhome Doctors series, and her Regency romances. Jackie earned a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award.

Her newest exciting venture is the Forgotten Village Magical Mystery series, beginning with A Cat's Garden of Secrets. Other recent works include the Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances series, featuring couples over age 50.

Jackie has been married for more than 40 years and lives in Southern California.

Please visit her Jacqueline Diamond Author page on Facebook. You can learn more about her books and audiobooks at jacquelinediamond dot net, and you can follow Jackie here at Author Central.

Jackie appreciates her readers and hopes you enjoy her books!

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Unknown Angel: Mail-order Bride Western Mystery by Peggy McGee

Colt Taylor, a dedicated U.S. marshal, was in the area visiting his recently widowed Aunt Ellie when he received word of a stagecoach holdup. On the bandit’s trail, he came across a severely injured, unconscious young woman whom he stopped to aid. Taking her to his aunt’s house to recuperate from her injuries and amnesia, he set out to find out the mystery behind her, while pursuing those who did this to her. Naming her ‘Angel’ because of her very blonde hair and light blue eyes, he became captivated with her, despite withholding any emotions due to being spurned in his younger past by another. However, as she gradually regained her memory, she realized that one of the bandits was closer to home than realized, endangering her. Upon confronting her, despite being smitten with her rescuer, Angel knew she had to flee for her own safety. Would she ever resolve who she was and feel safe again to seek out trustworthy reciprocal love? Until then, she knew that she would always be on the run.


About the author

Peggy McGee, author of "The Psychic Sara Series", the Orphan Train Adventures, and the Wildflower Series (to name a few) taught school, covering many grade levels and college courses in various states, during the first part of her employment years. She has a MS in Education, to include Social Sciences and a Reading Specialty. Most recently, prior to retirement, she was involved with the elderly, providing for their psycho-social needs. During this time, she published many newsletters; however, her ultimate goal was always to become an author. She has three children, five grandchildren and currently lives with her husband in Michigan.

Amazon Review 

In the heartwarming and suspenseful novel " Unknown Angel," Colt Taylor, a devoted U.S. marshal, finds himself entangled in a web of danger and love.

An intricate mystery unfolds as Angel slowly recovers and regains fragments of her memory. Torn between his blossoming feelings for Angel and the emotional scars of his past, Colt becomes determined to unravel the secrets surrounding her and bring the criminals to justice. However, the situation grows increasingly perilous as they draw closer to the truth. Angel's shocking discovery reveals that one of the bandits is much closer to her than she could have ever imagined, putting her life in grave danger.

Written by an author with a keen eye for detail and a talent for crafting captivating characters, this story takes readers on a thrilling journey through the Wild West.

Content Rating

Drug - none


Violence - Western era stagecoach kidnapping resulting in harm

Adult - pg 13 ....

Moral - In the face of danger and uncertainty, love and determination can lead to unexpected revelations and ultimately triumph over adversity.


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Sacred Gold (Rocky Meadow Mysteries Book 3)

 An old journal, revealing hidden treasure at St. Francis Church, falls into the hands of acting medical examiner, Dr. Amy Daniels, and tests her faith in life, love, and trust. With the help of the church pastor, Father Michael Lauretta, they try to solve the century-old mystery. Before long, the two find themselves in the company of a trained Italian curator, desperate to ward off her greedy, possessive boss, who follows her to Vermont and intends to steal the treasure.
Against the backdrop of snowy Rocky Meadow, Vermont, bustling during the Christmas holidays, the remainder of the St. Francis family try to secure a new soup kitchen, only to find charity cannot escape tragedy. When arson and murder, at the local nursing home, lead to a dark, dangerous chase in the catacombs of the church, they all join together to follow age-old clues and find Sacred Gold, before the treasure and more lives are lost forever.
Linda Rawlins
About the author

Linda Rawlins is an American writer of mystery fiction best known for her Misty Point Mystery Series, including Misty Manor, Misty Point, Misty Winter, Misty Treasure, Misty Revenge, and Misty Retreat. She is also known for her Rocky Meadow Mystery Series, including The Bench, Fatal Breach, Sacred Gold as well as an independent novel, Midnight Shift.

Linda loved to read as a child and started writing her first mystery novel in fifth grade. She then went on to study science, medicine, and literature, eventually graduating from medical school and establishing her career in medicine.

Linda Rawlins lives in New Jersey with her husband, her family and spoiled dog. She loves spending time at the beach as well as visiting the mountains of Vermont. She is an active member of Mystery Writers of America. As a member of Sisters in Crime, Linda was the President of the Central Jersey Chapter for 2022, 2020, 2019 and the VP in 2018. 

Amazon Review

In Sacred Gold, the author takes us from the luxury of Manhattan to the glamour of Italy to our beloved Rocky Meadow, Vermont and St. Francis Retreat House. She weaves the legend of a king's gold into a very believable, action packed thriller! I was hooked from the moonlit first page and left breathless by the ending. The scenes in the catacombs had me on the edge of my seat. I greatly enjoyed the contributions made by Krista Liotti, who really brought the Italian characters and locations to life. I hope she will collaborate on future books in this series and eagerly anticipate their next adventure.
Warning: You will not be able to put this book down!

Content Rating

Drugs - none

Language - very mild

Violence - no personal violence but medical content as the protagonist is a doctor/medical examiner- thriller related to pursuit of criminal!

Adult - no sex/kissing but dedication - flirting possible titillation?

Moral - includes Catholic themes/church/content as well as Bible quotes

Twitter @LRL8 

Collection of Action & Adventure Short Stories. A Rainy Night in South Florida - The rain pelted Mira with fury as she struggled again...