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Newfangled (Desires & Decisions Book 1)

 After a rocky start at a new school, Olive hopes she can find a few friends to help win her crusade to survive the most awkward years of her life. Junior high beckons. But when she angers the class bully, her transition into public school is anything but smooth.

Though Olive prays for faith, she feels betrayed by God when things go from bad to worse. Then, when good things finally happen, the mean girls dial their torture up a notch. As Olive battles self-awareness and surging hormones, will she find stability through the promises of Christ?

At home, her father’s work injury causes even more stress to seep into Olive’s life. When suspicion is confirmed as foul play, she must fight even harder to trust in a God that has promised never to leave His children.

Join Olive as she journeys through the gambit of teenagedom. Can she it make it through the semester without losing her faith?

Kristin N Spencer

Kristin N. Spencer is an American expat living in a 68 square meter flat with her husband and three kids near the Aegean Sea. When she isn’t wifing, mothering, counseling, discipling, or writing, she enjoys photography, blogging, sewing cosplay costumes for her family, baking, and hanging out with other geeks. Kristin studied Comparative World Literature at California State University, Long Beach and received a Bachelors, which she fondly calls a degree in reading. She writes whatever she wants, including Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. Her favorite person is Jesus and her favorite X-men character is Jean Grey. She does not like clones, robots, or clowns. 
 Twitter @sincerely_kris

Summer Storms (Seasons of Faith Book 1)

 Storms, Stalkers and Salvaton

Thanks to the love and support of friends and a renewed commitment to her faith Elizabeth Reynolds has moved past the hurt and anger of her parents death.

Her job as concierge at Hotel Lago, a boutique hotel in downtown Orlando is challenging and fills her need to be successful but one thing is missing. She loves the historic homes in the downtown area but fears she will never be able to afford one.

When a once in a lifetime opportunity to renovate a broken down home comes along she snaps it up. Sparks and clashes with her handsome, but deeply troubled contractor, Jeffrey Robbins threaten to slow the renovation but they fade as Orlando becomes the target of three summer storms, hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jeanne.

In the aftermath of the storms what be the fate of Lizzie’s home and heart?
Rebekah Lyn is a sandal loving Florida native and a graduate of Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Fl. A love of history, research and journaling led naturally to a passion for writing. She enjoys travel and has traveled extensively across the United States and Canada as well as Europe and the Caribbean. Her reading taste run from the classics to light fiction as well as delving into history books while researching for her novels. When she is not working or writing, she enjoys cooking, baking and sharing recipes on her blog.

Rebekah Lyn's Kitchen

Her current work includes two series, Seasons of Faith and The Coastal Chronicles.

Seasons of Faith is a contemporary inspirational series inspired by her own struggles and a heart for new beginnings All four novels are set in downtown Orlando, Florida and follow the lives of five friends over the course of a year as they establish their careers, fall in love and mend relationships.

Summer Storms, Winter's End, Spring Dawn and Christmas Vows.

The second series, The Coastal Chronicles is a group of stand alone novels that celebrate the uniqueness of small coastal communities. Julianne the first book in the series is an inspirational romance set on the coast of North Carolina. Her multi-award award winning novel, Jessie, the most recent release in the Chronicles series, is a coming of age novel set in coastal Florida during the early days of the United States space program and the race to the moon.

You can have you your ebook copy of all Rebekah Lyn's books autographed by visiting

Rebekah currently resides in Florida along with her "attack" cat, Mia. They would enjoy meeting with you on her Facebook page

You may contact Rebekah Lyn on her book website, Rebekah Lyn Books, where she enjoys encouraging and featuring other authors. or email

Twitter @RebekahLyn1

Unlikely Romance: Part One (The Clean Romance Chronicles Book 1)

 Love is tricky business.

It is hard to find and not worth the headache…

At least that is the way Jackie sees it anyway.

In part one of this religious short story novelette series, single gal Jackie Grayson is struggling on her lackluster quest to find new love after the break up of her and her long time boyfriend Andrew. Her love life is a mess and no man she tries to date meets up to her standards.

At this point, church, popcorn, reality TV and her best friend Gwen are the high points in her life.

Jackie prays for a new man to come into her life. However, she has resigned to the possibility that perhaps love just is not in the cards for her – that is until the bald headed tattooed Michael Reidland comes into her life.

And this is where the trouble begins…

The two of them are as different as chalk and cheese. Jackie makes it her mission to do anything possible to stay as far away from him as she can.

But will her plan of avoidance work out, or does fate have other plans for her?

The only way to find out what happens is to read this book and discover it for yourself…

A must read for fans of a good, clean inspirational love story, Unlikely Romance is a contemporary Christian romance tale that will take you on a fun, light hearted journey into the surprising and wacky world of love.
H.B. Barstrum
I am a stay home mom, friend, sister, daughter, and avid Walking Dead fan. I have had a passion for reading and writing ever since I was a small child. I especially love writing inspirational books, religious fiction and poetry.

As a person of faith, I truly believe that God gives us all the gift of inner and outer insight into the world at large. That way, we can learn from those experiences and become a walking testimony and ministry for others we can positively affect.

It never ceases to amaze me that with faith and understanding, we can all make a world of difference to those we come into contact with. That is why writing spiritual and inspirational stories are my personal favorites. The primary goal in my stories is to enlighten and inspire the reader.

My mantra is "Live for the glory of what God has blessed you with and he will lead you to a beautiful tomorrow."

When I am not reading and writing, I enjoy cooking, shopping, spending time with my partner & friends and taking walks in the park with my daughter.

Twitter @HBBarstrum

Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Bible Study for Tween Girls & Their Moms

 Moms and daughters will be empowered to embrace the girls of grace God designed them to be instead of conforming to society's mold of normal.
As a mom of two daughters, Catherine understands how unique the mother/daughter bond truly is. A few years ago, she looked tirelessly for a Bible study to share with her tween daughter. Catherine found countless options for children and teens but very few for the tween age group--and none of these options were designed for moms and tween daughters to share together. Recognizing an unfulfilled need, Catherine wrote Becoming a Girl of Grace.
Moms and daughters will take a closer look at some of the amazing ladies of the Bible and the character traits they model for modern tween girls. These women of yesterday have a lot to share with the girls of today! Dealing with mean girls and bullies, feeling left out, and learning to like oneself are not new social dilemmas. The Bible is full of examples of strong females who chose to follow God and pursue faith despite what was happening in their world and cultures.
Catherine Bird 
is an author, speaker and Bible teacher who is passionate about moms and tween girls and loves to encourage each—small and tall—in their own journey of faith. As a mom of two daughters, Catherine understands how unique the mother and daughter bond truly is. The hunger to strengthen this bond and develop a deeper relationship with Christ is what led Catherine to prayerfully pursue ministry with moms and tween girls.

Catherine is the author of Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Bible Study for Tween Girls & their Moms and Building Circles of Grace, A Girl of Grace Study (release date August 2017). Her first two Bible study books help mothers and tween daughters discover God’s truth in a new and engaging way, reinforcing how incredibly applicable the Bible is for their lives today.

Catherine and her family currently live near Austin, Texas, with one loyal Australian Shepherd and the quirkiest chocolate Labrador retriever ever. When Catherine is not at her desk writing, she can often be found in yoga class, scoping out some fun new hiking destination with her family, or jumping on the trampoline with her girls. She also believes whole- heartedly in yoga pants, Taco Tuesday and Texas Aggie football. Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. 

I'm the Grasshopper

 When newspaper staff writer Stacy Estes trips over a man’s body in her grandmother’s yard, she goes from reporting the news to being the news. This is hard for the 48-year-old widow whose reactions to life are usually…Run. Hide.
Stacy fights to keep her secrets intact, including her physical disability, especially from the first love of her life, Kirk, who has moved back to the community. Lost treasure? Gold mining in Texas? Flying saucers on her grandmother’s hill? And what about the men who go into the Comanche Cliff store – and disappear? Mysteries entangle and endanger Stacy. When a local poacher is jailed for the murder of the man found in her grandmother’s yard, Stay’s life unravels.
Then her investigation into the murder victim on her grandmother’s property takes her to the strange world of boanthropy, where people believe they are cows. It sends her into a confrontation with satanic worshiper “Snake.” And she is slated for the next sacrifice.

About Stephanie Parker McKean

Stephanie Parker McKean Biography

I've survived mauling by an African lion.
I've survived being bitten by a water moccasin snake.
I've emerged victorious from having been sexually abused as a child. Fleeing that abuse, I lived under a bridge. Now instead of living under a bridge, I use them as titles for my Texas Miz Mike "Bridge" series, humorous mystery-romance-suspense novels.
I've learned that what doesn't make you bitter makes you better. You really can't make lemonade without lemons.
And thank God, I've made the transition from atheist to Christian. My two favorite Bible verses are: in everything give thanks; and all things work together to good for those who love the LORD.
I used to think that the worst day in my life was the day I lost my job; my mother died and I couldn't attend her funeral because my husband was sent home from the hospital to die; our sheepdog died, and my truck caught on fire in downtown San Antonio. Several years later, I learned what a really bad day is. My son, USMC Major Luke Parker died in a plane crash on November 17, 2013. It doesn't get worse than that. "Bridge Beyond Betrayal" is dedicated to Luke.
I'm now married to wonderful Alan McKean, author of historic time travel books. He retired as a Church of Scotland minister after 35 years in the pulpit and we moved to Dunoon, Scotland. But I bet you want to hear more about the lion.
First, I was born in Texas, which was at that time the biggest state in the U.S. I learned at an early age that everything in Texas is bigger and better. When Alaska became a state, I cried. But what about the lion?
Along with an innate pride for Texas, I was born with a love for animals. When I was five, my first pet was a grasshopper that I carried around on a silver spoon. When I accidentally dropped spoon and grasshopper down the radiator in an upstairs apartment building, I sobbed. My mother sobbed too. The spoon had been a wedding gift.
History repeated itself when my five-year-old son's pet grasshopper was consumed by a small spider. Luke sobbed inconsolably. That experience inspired me to write what is my newest book at the moment, "I'm the Grasshopper." But back to the lion.
My love for animals led to the snake bite. Because I was an unpopular child, I made pets out of snakes. Other girls were afraid of them. Riding a bicycle with a snake around my neck made boys notice me. (They thought I was crazy.) The day after I appeared on a local television show explaining how to tell a poisonous snake from a harmless snake, I was bitten by a cotton mouth. Now, finally--the lion!
Ebenezer arrived in the back of a station wagon to join our family's roadside zoo, a collection of animals that included opossums, raccoons, assorted harmless snakes, a fox, a large boa constrictor, monkeys, a skunk, and a jaguarundi. The 200-pound pet fit right in with our family, until he reached 400 pounds and became a lion.
Sadly, when I became mature enough to quit riding bicycles with snakes in my quixotic attempt to impress boys, I remained immature enough to use a gimmick like an African lion. I invited a fellow college student home to see Eb. Not realizing that Eb had transformed from pet to lion, I walked up to him. Eb grabbed me by the stomach, threw me to the ground, and mauled me. My terrified college friend jerked me out of the cage--which made Eb bite even harder because he was about to lose his toy. "I hope I did that right," Ed panted. "I've never had to rescue anyone from a lion before!" I never saw Ed again.
And now you know about the lion. And when you read the Texas Miz Mike Christian mystery-romance-suspense novels set in Three Prongs, Texas, where the misfits fit, you'll know more about Texas.
And hopefully, you'll learn how to make lemonade out of lemons. Because what doesn't make you bitter makes you better. With God's help, all you need to add is a little prayer, a little praise...a little sugar.
Twitter: @StephaniePMcKea

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Passages Across Time

 Can the past help her find her future? CJ has lost her faith in God and in herself after a disastrous broken engagement. Returning to the country home where she grew up, she begins to find peace. She also rediscovers the love of her childhood crush. But an unexpected windfall gives her the opportunity for the adventure she has always dreamed about. While CJ is torn between her desire to travel and her growing love for Sam, she discovers a different treasure — letters written to her by her grandmother and journals written by her great-grandmother. Will she find her own answers in the choices these remarkable women made? Will she succumb to the temptation her new wealth affords? Will she be able to find her faith in God again?
Bonnie Howell
I love writing Christian romance with a twist - adventure and mystery tucked in with stories of finding love and renewing faith. I live on a beautiful river in Oregon, and when I'm not writing, I crochet, design jewelry, bake bread, and walk in the woods. You can find out more on my web page Links 
Twitter: @writingonriver

Cute Boy Wars

 From the author of SLUMBER PARTY WARS; and **New** FAKE BOYFRIEND WARS

Love is war. At least to some girls at Jefferson Middle School—like Lacy Wallace. When another girl catches her crush’s interest, the war is on. Big time. Meanwhile in this middle school novel, Sara is trying to keep a distance from the school heartbreaker, Dane McGraw. But Dane is hard to resist—especially when he’s set his flirting, tempting heart on winning Sara’s. But Sara is in love (maybe, sort of) with her sweet boyfriend, Paul. However, while Sara is avoiding Dane, Paul seems to be avoiding her. What’s up with that?

This book used to be titled: “Love … Maybe … Wars.”

Middle-grade (tween/young teen) romance novel from Melanie Marks, the author of FALL FOR ME; and BEST FRIEND WARS
And **New** "MATT AND NICOLE (Middle School)" (Plus a LOT of other books)

Update: There is now a short story included in this book as well. The short story is titled, “Okay, He’s Nice (Maybe?).” It is volume three to Melanie Marks’ series “Middle School Powers.” (Volume one and two can be found in Melanie’s book “Fake Boyfriend Wars.”)

Melanie Marks' newest book is: Heartbreaker Hanson.

NEWEST books: "Kissing The Bad Boy"; "When You Noticed Me"; and "Jane's Air" (each a dollar!!)
**Update: All of Melanie Marks' books are available in the Unlimited program, or you can buy them the regular way.
**Melanie's website is: (Check often. She is always writing new books)
(Melanie also has books under the name "M. Marks"--they're written with other author friends.)
FALL FOR ME series: Fall For Me; Fall Forever; Finn's Fall (and now also in the series is the standalone novel: LOUDER THAN WORDS)
HIS KISS series: *His Kiss *High School Boys *HER Kiss (Griffin) *Griffin *Griffin#2
*LOUDER THAN WORDS--(It's a standalone novel about Griffin's best friend from the hockey team, Mason Archer, and Mason's undying (secret) crush on the cheerleader, Summer Baker. A crush he's had since childhood.)
**HIS BEST FRIEND--(It's a standalone story, but also part of the His Kiss series, as it's about Ally's best friend Jazz, and Jazz's crush on her neighbor ... and stalker.)
**"The Player (plus: Ally Has Amnesia)" That's the title. You have to type the whole thing in to find it. It has a novel "The Player" plus a story with Griffin and Ally.

NOTE: The book FINN'S FALL has Griffin and Ally in it as well (as a couple)--though it's Finn's story (from Fall For Me) ... also now there is a book about Ally and Griffin in Middle School called: "ALLY and GRIFFIN (Middle School)"

Still NEWISH books: "HER KISS (Griffin)"--it's Griffin's story about Ally. Sort of his version of the book, His Kiss. (Also Melanie's books "GRIFFIN"; and "GRIFFIN #2" are available now as well.)
New book--"Louder Than Words"--is a standalone novel about Mason and Summer and their life-long secret crush on each other. The book is kind of part of the Fall For Me series, because it's about Zoey's best friend, the cheerleader, Summer Baker. But it is also sort of the His Kiss series because it's also about Griffin's best friend from the hockey team, Mason Archer. (In any case, the book is a standalone and no other book needs to be read before it.)

**NEW! 'HIGH SCHOOL BOYS' (This standalone novel features best friends, Matt and Nicole, and their first kiss; Plus the book includes the story, "More of HIS KISSES," which continues with Griffin and Ally right after they start dating.)
*NOTE: The book FINN'S FALL is the novel that follows HIGH SCHOOL BOYS, with Matt and Nicole.

Books in Melanie's SLUMBER PARTY WARS series: Slumber Party Wars; The Crush Wars; Best Friend Wars; Bird Wars; First Kiss Wars; Fake Boyfriend Wars; Love ...maybe ... Wars; Christmas Wars; #Wars (And also: Don't Make Me Read Your Mind, Matt)

About Melanie's new book, 'TRENT AND MEGAN'--No other book needs to be read before it. It's Trent's version of Melanie Marks' novel, THE DATING DEAL. The book also has the story "The Girl Next door" which is Luke's version of Melanie's book, HIS BEST FRIEND. The book also contains "Rune's Story" which is Rune's version of the novel, LITTLE DANCER. It also has a story about Ally&GRiffin and Matt&Nicole. No other book needs to be read before the book and right now it is only a dollar.)

Three books that are still quite new: "MATT and NICOLE (Middle School)"; "ALLY and GRIFFIN (Middle School)"; and "SUMMER and MASON (Middle School)" NOTE: The book, "TRENT and MEGAN" also contains a story from this series.