Friday, September 4, 2015

A Valley Experience~ Spotlight & My Review~

“One single decision can send you careening down a path where you don’t want to go.”

Meet Brianca Euley, a girl who goes through life searching for love. She searches in all the wrong places--in the clubs, with various men, everywhere except where true unconditional love waits for her. Will she ever learn that what is missing from her life is God? How far down this path of destruction will she go before she reaches out to God?

Disclaimer: Realistic fiction dealing with difficult topics that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 15. 

About the Author

Pam Funke

I am the proud grand-daughter of a pastor and have spent the majority of my life in the church. I am a Christian author who enjoys writing many different things. My love of reading and writing led me to write for the enjoyment of others.

Why did I choose Christian novels? Well, mainly because there are hardly any Christian novels out there anymore and the books that are filling the shelves and homes of adults, young adults, teens and children are not feeding their minds or souls with positive things. Now mind you there are some very good non-Christian novels out there that instill a positive message.There has to be something in a good book that not only feeds the mind with positive values and teaches the reader how to improve their life and give them some hope, then what's the point? A good book should have a lesson in it that someone can learn something valuable from it and not just an escape away from their problems in the real world~ because when the story is over the real world is still there and so are their problems. They should be able to come out of that story with something positive that they can use to help them in the real world. 


My Review
Brianca Euley faced much danger; being a rebellious teen, all her bad choices led her down the road to devastation. She can’t find love in men, in night-clubs or anywhere that the world would offer as fun and exciting. As a matter of fact all these things she will find out lead only to emptiness, loneliness and danger. There is one and only one that will fill the void in her life and that is her savior Jesus Christ. How far will Brianca go down the path of desolation before she allows God to rescue her? This is a book I would recommend to anyone who is searching for true love. Girls and women in particular who feel like they are not loved; who are not finding contentment in what the world has to offer. Read this book and see where searching for love in the wrong places led Bri and how she finally found what she really needed. This is an eye-opener story that I hope will witness true love to the reader.
Disclaimer: Realistic fiction dealing with difficult topics that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 15. 

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