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Yogi's Curse ~ Blog Tour & My Review

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About the BookTitle: Zoe & Zak and the Yogi's Curse (Zoe & Zak Series, Book #2)Author: Lars GuignardPublishers: Fantastic PressPublication Date: September 9, 2013Pages: 340Recommended Age: 8+ Summary Zoe and Zak are back in India. Again. And this time they're attending Moonstock Himalayan Boarding School, which might seem fun except for the fact that the school itself is a little strange. Students ride elephants instead of school buses, snarling monkeys work as security guards, and angry parrots monitor the halls. And even when they manage to get used to the wildlife, the food is absolutely terrible. But living with a bunch of other kids their age can be a lot of fun, too, or at least it seems that way until Zoe's roommate goes missing. Following the directions written on a steamy bathroom mirror, Zoe and Zak fly through the clouds on their magic carpet to learn that the two of them have been chosen yet again. This time they've been asked to lift the Yogi's Curse. It's not going to be easy. Zoe and Zak don't even know what the Yogi's Curse is let alone how to lift it, but like it or not, they soon discover that a whole lot of people are depending on them. Now, if they're going to save the day, Zoe and Zak are going to have to fool the monkey guards, avoid the nasty parrots, and maybe even develop a supernatural ability or two. Because lurking beneath Moonstock is a powerful new enemy. And if Zoe and Zak can't stop him, nobody can.  

 My Review Yogi's Curse by Lars Guignard
Zak and Zoe are back together for another fun filled escapade. This time they are attending the Moonstock Himalayan Academy for Boys and Girls, high in the mountains in India. Moonstock is very different than the school they attended in America; for instance, the student’s main source of transportation is riding on elephants; parrots monitor the halls and ornery, monkey security guards keep a watchful eye over the school. These kind of strange practices are not at all what Zoe was expecting and at first she feels quite homesick; however, Zack, her best friend, is attending the school as well, which is somewhat of a comfort to her. 

At Moonstock, the boys and girls are separated, limiting Zoe and Zak’s time together. When they do see each other, usually at meal time, Zak seems preoccupied with his new past time―vloging: video blogging, though it won’t preoccupy him too long, once the real adventure starts.  

There are many kids, from all over the world, at Moonstock and it isn’t long before Zoe meets some interesting acquaintances. A few of them are, her new roommate, Anita, from England, Jill her replacement roommate from Alaska, and Amanda … well, putting it lightly she’s kind of a jerk. 

Though Zoe and Zak are getting to like the school, other than the crappy meals, strange things begin to happen. For instance, Anita disappears from the school―seemingly into thin air―and Mr. Muk is looking uncannily like the deceased Mukta, the yogi master from book 1, Ghost Leopard. 

The adventure blasts into full gear when Zoe and Zak make it their mission to break the Yogi’s curse. They sneak out of the school and ride a magic carpet (doormat) into the easterly night sky, find a glowing elephant tusk which turns out to be a telephone, (you’ll have to read the book to find out what the mysterious voice says through this telephone) get chased by birds, mean monkeys, and rack their brains to solve a mysterious riddle. 

Zoe will use her new yogi powers and Zak his dependable Stryker whip, to fight the evil forces they seem to be encountering on a regular basis. 

Like Ghost Leopard (book 1) Yogi’s Curse is filled with nonstop action from beginning to end. There is  lots of humor and a great deal of Lar’s fantastic imagination  as well as the real culture, history, and  mysterious beliefs of India described throughout the book. The story is fun and fasted paced and will keep you intrigued up until the last page. I recommend this book to tweens, teens, and adults who may  want to unleash the adventurous kid trapped somewhere inside them. 

The Buzz"I have a 10 year old son who is an avid reader!! He loves books, (but he's picky too) he loved Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. He was so excited to read the 2nd book in this series! When I presented him the first book he was not sure he would like it but changed his mind quickly, then when I heard about the 2nd book being released he almost jumped out of his chair! (no exaggeration) He is anxiously awaiting the 3rd book! I would say that any child who enjoys fantasy/adventure books should read this series! It is a well written page turner! It's a fun story that adults can even enjoy the storyline without getting bored! According to my son, 'every kid should read this series'. " ~ 5-Star review from SavyGreenSaver, Amazon"I loved this book, even as an adult reading it. I was completely sucked into the plot and was constantly finding myself staying up "just a little longer" to read one more chapter. Different twists and turns in the book have you constantly guessing who is behind what and who Zak and Zoe can trust. I could definitely see myself being involved in this series as a middle schooler considering how much I enjoyed it even now. Another thing I liked about it is if you missed the first book, you could still follow along with this one and not be lost." ~ 5-Star review from Staci, Amazon"Lars Guignard has done a fabulous job with this series. I loved the `Ghost Leopard' & love this one even more. For late-elementary to middle school age readers, you can't beat this series. It's fun and fast-paced. Even my picky fifth grader enjoyed every page. There are bits of magic thrown in keep the action exciting. Mr. Guignard has a brilliant imagination & readers are blessed that he's chosen to use it for YA fiction. If you've yet to read the first installment in this series, do yourself a favor and read these books back to back. Don't limit it just to kids! Adults will have a blast reading these too!" ~ 5-Star review from Liz Terek, Amazon  
About The Author: Lars Guignard 
Lars Guignard
  Prior to writing novels, Lars Guignard wrote for film and television. As a teenager he attended boarding school in the Indian Himalayas and his experiences there provided the inspiration for the Zoe and Zak series which now include: Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard,Zoe & Zak and the Yogi’s Curse, and Zoe & Zak and the Tiger Temple. He lives in the Pacific Northwest where he dodges bears and cougars while hiking & skiing the magnificent Coast Mountain Range. For news about new releases, please join his email list here: Zoe&
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