Friday, February 22, 2019


 After a failed coup, the freedom fighters of Tierra Dulce urge young, high-born professor Alejandro de Cordoba to assume leadership of the resistance. However, grief-stricken over the murder of his wife, he ignores the plea shared by both the Church and his countrymen. Instead, he decides to trail the traitor of the revolution all the way to the United States where he intends to assassinate him.

While he lays in wait in rural Southern California, Alejandro tries to pass himself off as an ordinary immigrant day laborer. But Misty and those who know him best think there is far more to him than he lets on. He believes that as well when he begins experiencing mysterious visions that hurl him into the ancient past.
Lynda Quinn 
is the author of Echoes, The Prophecy, and Kokoweef under the pen name N Quinn

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