Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Bound to Survive: The Magic Within Series (Volume 1)

 In a realm where wizards govern, treachery is about to descend. Born of prophecy, a boy is torn from the love of his family and 'Bound' with magic to survive. He is hidden from those who seek to destroy him. Over the years, he grows discontent... Until a secret is revealed...a journey begins...and a choice is made. A choice which will be for all in the realm. Join Christopher and his friends as they hatch a daring escape, race with them across the country in a bid to save his love from certain death and find out how a secret will change the world they live in. Bound to Survive is a tale of wizardly love, war and intrigue steeped in a mystical age of magic.

About Sharon Gibbs

Sharon would probably write more books if we had another day in the week. Witches and wizards run wild in her imagination where heroes and villains battle and there's always room for a dragon or two. Magical cats and family curses take up most of her time and she's been searching for that secret ingredient in Mrs Junket's pudding. You can meet a few of these zany characters inside the pages of her Magic Within Series.


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