Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Stowaway Heiress (A Clean and Sweet Regency Romance)

 When Winifred Manston’s beloved father dies without an heir, Freddie, as she is known to most, soon finds life intolerable. Her cruel and greedy guardian, the current Baron Manston, tries to force her to marry his son in order to gain her inheritance. With little choice but to flee her home, she disguises herself as a young lad. But when she finds her only chance of reaching her former governess, who resides in France, is to stowaway on a smuggler’s sloop, she ends up having to trust a gentleman she suspects is a spy.
Julian Braunstone, Viscount Treversham, is headed for France to rescue one of Wellington’s agents who’s been wounded and trapped just outside of Paris. But then Julian discovers the intriguing and secretive “Freddie Smith” hiding in his cabin aboard a smuggler’s sloop, he is forced to alter his plans, and help the young woman reach her governess.
With a growing attraction for the delectable young woman, Julian leads Freddie, her governess, and a wounded agent through the French countryside as they evade French soldiers intent in finding them before they reach the coast. And if they do manage to reach England, how will he protect Freddie from her cruel guardian?
This is a sweet historical regency romance.
As an avid reader, I became a fan of Georgette Heyer's Regency novels, then started writing Regency romance novels as a hobby. Currently, my husband and I live in Port Royal, SC,where we enjoy walks with our dog Sally.
Kindle e-books have allowed me to grow as a writer. With each novel, I have made mistakes but I have learned so much along the way. I read all my reviews and, humbled and thankful that someone has taken the time to read and critique one of my novels, take them to heart.