Monday, December 31, 2018

The Messenger: Origins (The Messenger Series)

 What if the major conspiracy theories were true? The Order of the Dragon is a secret organization founded in the ashes of the Knights Templar; their goal is a one world government. Tuttle, a shady operative within The Secret Army of Northern Virginia, has been ordered to assist Jim Wallace, a Delta Force operator, in hunting the heads of Islamic terrorists. However, Tuttle intends to use the search and destroy mission as a cover while he plans to destroy the secret Order. Whilst the unlikely duo prepares to journey across the Middle East, the Order learns of Tuttle’s plan and initiates a reclassification of the pair’s status from hunters to hunted. Thus begins a chase from Israel to Turkey that forms new and rekindles old alliances.

JW Harrelson 
is a fiction writer and the author of the Jim Wallace Series and the Messenger Series. His stories are meant to intrigue and entertain, yet also give food for thought on personal growth and responsibility to our fellow human beings.
JW Harrelson grew up in the South Eastern United States and served in the U.S. Army. His interest are reading, writing, graphic design, and carpentry.

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