Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Watcher King

This is no ordinary kingdom. Therefore, it must have an extraordinary king!

If you love fantasy, mixed with a little horror, Malatthias Sonoseth will take you on an epic journey through the dark shifting forest with seductive, but undead creatures, and to the edge of the Cerulean Sea where worlds and time collide.
Malatthias, after the death of his father, suddenly finds himself the new Watcher King—a king who is not bound to his physical realm or time—a position he had not counted on for at least another 30 years. And something is eerily wrong. Ever since the violent invasion of the Nephilim, the forest seems to be dying, waters of the rivers are turning bitter, and the land is sinking.

Yahweh’s holy Warriors, who will arouse within Malatthias the Watcher powers he has inherited, have come to keep him in line, but will that backfire on them all? And just to complicate the matter the young Watcher King can’t decide between the love of a sultry shepherdess or the mysterious teenager raised by the Eldrids, the ancient Warrior Prophets.
Take this fantastical journey with the young Watcher King and unite the fragmented kingdoms of Pa’raGhon to search out, annihilate, and destroy the unwanted.
Deborah isn't famous for anything ... yet. Might be she's not looking for fame. It's kind of scary, you know? Too many public engagements. She writes a lot of weird, creepy stuff and tends to scare herself as well as innocent family members. A string of Christmas lights stays on right outside her bedroom door. It's better than a night light and easier to explain.

She was born in Hollandia, New Guinea (which apparently belongs to Indonesia now) in 1959. Her parents (a clothes designer and a pastor) traveled from New Guinea (by a US C-130 Hercules cargo plane, or some version thereof) to the Kingdom of the Netherlands where they stayed for a few cold years. Then they boarded the Ship of Maasdam and sailed round the Cape of Good Hope to Australia. After 12 years in Queensland she somehow found herself en route to Washington State in the USA. But she is now firmly, and sort of happily, planted in SoCal.
Deborah writes about writing and such on her blog Alten Ink: She loves to help newbie writers who are even more clueless than she is. Not really, we all have something to contribute, right? Trust me, we do.
She's more at home on her personal blog The Watchers: All Eyes Are On Him at because she gets to create poetry and creepy flash fiction. Mrs. Shackles visits quite often.
For the most part she spends her days blogging, editing, formatting, writing (mostly spec fiction: fantasy, sci/fi, horror) and publishing ... and she also swims a lot of laps because she eats way too much chocolate, bacon, and Jellie Bellies.