Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Perils of a Pastor's Wife - Hope and Encouragement for Women in Ministry

 Nan Jones understands the frustrations and stress women in ministry face. As a former pastor's wife, she's experienced the pressures and loneliness that comes from ministry burnout, social isolation, frantic schedules, and unrealistic expectations.

If you're a pastor's wife or a woman in ministry struggling with your calling, this book offers a lifeline of hope and encouragement.

Be empowered to fight spiritual battles with God's grace and promises, protected by His armor. Learn creative ways to stand up for yourself and feel the blessing of your calling as a ministry helper. The Perils of a Pastor's Wife will guide you through the calamities of life and restore your confidence in God's purpose and plan for your life and ministry.
Nan Jones 
ministered alongside her husband for thirty-one years in small, rural churches across North Carolina. She enjoyed the rewards of pastoral service, endured its fiery trials, and learned to find the light and comfort of God's presence when ministry gets ugly. Nan is a Bible study teacher, author, and speaker who delights in helping Christian women find God in their darkest hours. Her first book, The Perils of a Pastor's Wife, released in June, 2015 by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and was a 2016 Selah Award finalist.

As a Christian communicator, Nan realizes that with the gift comes the responsibility—the responsibility of representing the Lord correctly, and the responsibility of being transparent and vulnerable to her audience and readers. She believes it's in the transparency of struggles and failings that she can connect best with women just like herself who stand amazed at God's tender love in the midst of the pain. For those who feel abandoned by the Lord, Nan offers reassurance that when we are broken, that is when He is the closest to His child. She teaches how to open our eyes to see Him and open our ears to hear His sweet whispers of love.

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