Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Girl Called Ella Dessa

 Ella Dessa Huskey bears ugly scars from a young mountain lion's attack. After her mama's death, the disfigurement symbolizes her pa's rejection and his selfish decision to abandon her in a rugged cabin on the mountain. His rejection and her scars convince Ella Dessa she'll never be worthy of love. When two brothers show concern for her safety and urge her to leave the cabin, she finds herself thrilled. But she's even more self-conscious of her blemishes.
At the foot of the mountain, in Beckler's Cove, Ella Dessa finds shelter. She moves in with a pregnant woman whose gold-seeking husband has abandoned her. The overburdened woman needs help with her household of five children, and Ella Dessa is eager to repay her for a place of shelter. She finds afternoon work at the only store in the cove and jumps at the chance to attend school. God's grace brings friendship, even love. But will Ella Dessa ever be cherished for the inner beauty blossoming beneath her scars?
Karen Campbell Prough 
writes Southern Historical Fiction and a broad range of short stories. Her stories quite often have romance or mysteries with a special twist. Seven of her short stories have been published in a variety of magazines, and she has won awards for them and two books. She knows her life-long desire to write comes from God. The heartfelt urge to be a storyteller has been with her since childhood, and she loves to tell stories that will linger with a reader ... long after the last page is turned.