Saturday, February 2, 2019

Passages Across Time

 Can the past help her find her future? CJ has lost her faith in God and in herself after a disastrous broken engagement. Returning to the country home where she grew up, she begins to find peace. She also rediscovers the love of her childhood crush. But an unexpected windfall gives her the opportunity for the adventure she has always dreamed about. While CJ is torn between her desire to travel and her growing love for Sam, she discovers a different treasure — letters written to her by her grandmother and journals written by her great-grandmother. Will she find her own answers in the choices these remarkable women made? Will she succumb to the temptation her new wealth affords? Will she be able to find her faith in God again?
Bonnie Howell
I love writing Christian romance with a twist - adventure and mystery tucked in with stories of finding love and renewing faith. I live on a beautiful river in Oregon, and when I'm not writing, I crochet, design jewelry, bake bread, and walk in the woods. You can find out more on my web page Links 
Twitter: @writingonriver

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