Monday, November 12, 2018

Field of Influence

 To change one’s field of influence is to change the course of one’s life.

"I have come to a point. If I move one more step in any direction, I have to acknowledge that I passed serious long ago. I pursue an ever-eluding precursor of death, and I'm never satisfied when I find it. The time I spend in pleasure does not outweigh the chase, and the reasons why I continue in this parody of life baffle me." - U.S. Marine Thurman Casey Shaw

With an honorable discharge and wounds more than surface deep, United States Marine Thurman Casey Shaw leaves one war zone to battle for a half-life existence in another. With a former brother as his only friend in New York, Casey loses himself inside of a world that he can’t escape.

Addiction and desperate times lead him to an unusual proposal; “Once you ingest the contents of this box, you must loosen its hold on your life forever.” Accepting the challenge out of pure hopelessness, Casey has no clue that when he wakes up, his life will change whether he wants it to or not.

“This novel is a step by step walk through of one of the most dangerous places one can be. While filled with strong emotional content, the array of feelings are broad and explained in a way only one who has been there knows and can. As a former prisoner, I was spared by the same grace offered to Casey. Redemption, sacrifice, faith, and love are all core elements found in this work. It begins serious and ends even more intense.
This Marine’s story is written for all who seek answers and my goal is that once read, those answers forge next steps.” - Jenny Reese Clark
Jenny Reese Clark 
is a living testimony of what true faith in Jesus Christ can bring. As a multiple felon of various drug charges including Unlawful Manufacturing of Methamphetamines, Jenny is no stranger to breaking the rules or suffering their consequences.

In April of 2010, Jenny’s life hit an all-time low as she turned her back on the home burning behind her. As a result of a chemical interaction, the clandestine laboratory that she brought secretly into her sister’s home exploded. As she took off shoeless, she ran as far as she could to escape the consequences. With her sister’s pet dead inside and her relationships destroyed through her own betrayals, Jenny woke up as a Jane Doe on a ventilator in an ICU 24 hours later knowing there was no way to come back from such destruction.

Growing up in a home that offered her as much encouragement as anyone could ask for, the path she chose didn't equal the opportunity given to her. On March 7th 1999, Jenny was in a serious car accident that left her with plates, screws, and in a wheelchair for months. It was then she discovered the benefits opiates could offer her, and within a few short years, she unintentionally claimed the title of full-blown drug addict.

It wasn’t until Jenny went to prison on a 15 year sentence and lost every relationship, possession, and privilege she ever had that she began to honestly understand her true need and dependency upon the Lord. She returned to her roots and picked up her biblical studies where they left off, this time clinging to every word knowing it meant her life or death.
After completing her first Christian fiction novel only a year and a half after her release, in her own words, she shares why she chooses to exploit her past weaknesses before the world.

“I’m not proud of how I’ve obtained the authority to write or speak on the subjects I do, but my incarceration and faith go hand in hand. Until I was still, I couldn't see past myself; once I surrendered my selfish ways, the haze lifted and life began. The many lessons achieved through a consequence so great, is what inspires me to share these stories that carry both warning and hope.”

Jenny’s love and dedication to both the Lord and people is clearly evident in her writing and outreach efforts. To learn more about Jenny and her mission to serve others, visit
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