Saturday, February 16, 2019

Escape to Gettis…and Love (Love in Gettis Book 1)

Koozie and Dromo are back
Maggie is content with her life as it is. She’s divorced, and makes a good living as a massage therapist in Gettysburg. She is not ready to accept there is an open portal to Viking Ireland in her back yard that is open. Yet when the intruders come through, she is attracted by one man’s aura, Joren. She later finds out that he saved her brother and is a healer, which attracts her even more. Yet she’s been hurt before. Despite her inner fears of commitment, she believes she could be happy with this man.
When the portal is discovered to be open, Joren knows it’s time to go through to Gettis and rescue those children who had been stolen away so many years ago. With permission from the old man, Joren collects his men, the prisoner, and his sword, Singer of Mighty Blood Songs and enters Gettis. His world is rocked. Wonders abound and the children are safe. His mission is now changed. One of the reasons is Maggie. Would she have him?
The evidence of Arndt, an evil man who is pursuing the travelers puts everyone in Gettis at risk. Without alerting the outside world of their portal, can they defeat Arndt and his men, and live happily ever after?
Koozie and Dromo will help them.
Gerri Bowen lives in south central Pennsylvania with her family, a dog, and far too many cats. She writes romance with paranormal and fantasy elements, stories with humor… the impossible… and love. Her stories can be historical, contemporary or Regency set. Always, though, she brings people together in love and they form families. 
Twitter: @GerriBowen