Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Seeker's Call (Seeker's Trilogy Book 1)

 Kierelia, a kingdom on the planet Kaern, is a forested land of kings, castles, and dragon-slayers... as well as the home of Iviana, an orphan and Healer who has just lost her mentor, the only family she ever knew.

Alone and searching for a place to call home, Iviana stumbles upon Tragor, the Great Dragon of the Ages, and Flynn, a strange young man determined to slay the dragon and steal its heart. Captivated by its beauty, Iviana intervenes on behalf of the beast.

Having earned the friendship of the dragon, Tragor flies Iviana to his home-world, the Greater Archipelagos, a planet set in another universe. Populated by a people who are born with what they call the Great Gifts, the islanders prove to possess supernatural powers bestowed by their god, the Great One. It is there she must press beyond the rejection of the people to make discoveries not only about her own lineage, but of her destiny: a call that could save the Greater Archipelagos from its demise.

With sword in hand, Iviana uncovers more about her gift as a Healer and finds purpose in the battles against the dark powers that seek to destroy her and those she loves.

Seeker’s Call is a thrilling ride filled with fascinating adventure, endearing characters and truth that will reach through the pages into your own world.
Cassandra Boyson
 is author of Amazon bestselling Christian Fantasy series The Seeker's Trilogy. She plans to release several more books in the Christian Fantasy genre as well as in the worlds introduced in her books: Kaern and the Greater Archipelagos.

Through her books, Cassandra hopes not only to take readers on exciting fantasy adventures, but to reveal that God is the one in whom true power lies and he loves more deeply than any human ever could.

Cassandra currently resides in the Houston, Texas area. She dreams of traveling around the world, completing every book in her heart and having adventures like those of her heroines.

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