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The Night of the Magical Flight! Spotlight

March 27, 2015 3 - 7 P - 2 NEW RELEASE!

Come along on an exciting magic carpet ride!

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Series: Top of the Wardrobe Gang Picture Books
Book 2 - The Night of the Magical Flight
Exciting Rhyming Picture Book Story, for ages 3-7

When a young boy looks up into the night sky, the last thing he expects to see is a fleet of flying carpets speeding overhead. One wizard sweeps down beside him, and invites him aboard.

This is the start of a night that this youngster will never forget. What starts off as an exciting ride soon turns into a desperate rescue mission, with our brave, young hero using his own non-magical skills to try to save the day.
  • What do sea monsters want for tea?
  • What happens when you race magic carpets too fast?
  • Why should young wizards learn how to swim?
  • Will everyone survive this trip?
  • Will the toads gain their freedom?
  • Will this young lad ever want to get on a magic carpet again?
Written in a smooth rhyming rhythm that keeps pace with the action, this is a fun "read aloud" book for adults to enjoy reading to younger children. The story is beautifully illustrated on every page, and the verses are short and simple enough for beginner readers to tackle. Kids can take P.D. Monkey's latest challenge, by seeing if they can spot the oil lamp he has hidden on every page. For extra fun, a few simple Magical Puzzles are included after the story. This book is dedicated to all young wizards who like to fly too fast, to all toads who yearn for their freedom, and to all those of us who look up at the night sky and wonder "what if...?" (For this particular book, the only difference is one word - honor / honour.)

Read on, and look carefully at all the pictures, to find out more...

A great bedtime read that is sure to become a firm favorite.

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Book 1 - Monster Mayhem

***Please note that this eBook is written in US English, but that print versions in both US and British English will soon be available.***
About the Author
Melinda Kinsman 
lives on a small peninsular called The Wirral, in North West England. She loves climbing mountains and rock-climbing (both abroad, and in her local mountains of Snowdonia), and she has always had a soft-spot for cuddly toys!

As Melinda has to lie down a lot each day, due to health issues, she spends most of that time using her iPad to write and illustrate her books. (Drawing can be especially challenging, as she needs to keep the iPad steady by balancing it with one leg up in the air - much to the amusement of her family!)

Melinda originally wrote a book of poems for her 6 year old niece a few years ago, but never dreamt of trying to publish them, or of trying to illustrate them herself. The advent of ebooks and handheld tablets now makes self-publishing an exciting possibility for her!

The Top of the Wardrobe Gang series of books are credited to both Melinda and a motley crew of cuddly toy characters. This bunch of cuddly toys live on the Top of the Wardrobe - they like to call this the "penthouse suite"! They enjoy reading, and want to try writing their own books. Most of the cartoon gang characters are based on "real" members of Melinda's cuddly toy family, though some have had to have their names and appearances changed to allow their inclusion!

You can find out more about Melinda, the gang, and their books from their website at 
Twitter: @TopOWG

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