Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bored No More: A Children's Book about Creativity ~ Spotlight

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Book Description

January 12, 2014

Join Brother and Sis on their journey of turning a boring day into one full of creative play!
This book was written for preschool and elementary aged children. It is meant to be an inspiration for children to find pleasure in creating their own fun. It is also meant to encourage them to look at the things around them a little differently and see how they can be repurposed.

It is playfully illustrated by two sisters (still kids themselves).

Included in the ebook is a link for free printables including a collection of building fronts that you can print for your children to use to create their own “Recycle Bin Town.” They can fit nicely onto empty cereal boxes or other items you are recycling.

This is the second book in a series of adventures with Brother and Sis. The first is titled, "Room to Play: A Children's Book about Decluttering"
About the Author
Jen Burns 
is a momma of six children (ages 9-17), who loves to read, sing harmony, eat dark chocolate and anything pumpkin. She also loves to find new thrift stores and coffee shops with her best friend (Mike).

As a child her favorite place was the public library. As a teen her first job was at a public library. One of her dreams was to one day write a children's book. That dream has now come true!

Jen values time spent making lasting memories of those she loves. She drives her family crazy asking to take pictures, and loves planning themed events. Her home is full of cartwheels, movie making, and hair cutting adventures as her six children grow and become the future adults they are meant to be.

She loves hearing that anything she has said or written has helped someone. To make a load lighter, to give encouragement, and to share her thoughts and experiences are her goals in writing. 

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