Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cycles (Cycles Series Book 1)

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Clean Teen Fiction!
When a pair of misfit teens uncover disturbing experiments conducted in the basement of their neighbor's house, they become entangled in medical research that could destroy their lives and forever alter the human aging process.

Review by Robin Lee, an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
This story is a woven mix of sci-fi, astronomy, genetics, medicine, ancient, Native American mythology, a little blood, and a corporate conspiracy thriller, that just worked perfectly together.This was a non-stop page turner for me.

Back Cover Text for Cycles, a teen mystery
She remembers things that never happened.
She's a stranger in her own home.
She always knew she was different.
She just didn't know why.
Until now.

Renee Beaumont is about to die . . . again.
About the author 
Lois Brown 
received her bachelor's degree in journalism and worked as a news correspondent in Washington, D.C. She later completed a Master's degree in communications and started her own freelance business.

She has written nearly fifty articles and books, many of which are about nutrition and the use of natural food supplements. She worked as the chief editor to former New York Times best-selling author Dr. Neil Solomon, and she co-wrote a book on time management with former Miss America Sharlene Wells Hawkes.
Twitter:  @loislane1970

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