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Starlight Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway

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Book description:
Adrienne Speck is the biggest loser in her high school, so she can hardly believe it when a magical boy falls from the heavens to grant her three wishes. He is cool, confident, and definitely popular-crowd material—everything Adrienne's not. With his help, she has a chance to get everything she's ever wanted: get kissed, get popular, and get a date for the upcoming dance.

But Adrienne discovers magic isn't all it's cracked up to be, and the road to popularity is paved with humiliation. To make her dreams come true, not only will she have to get the lead in the school play, ask out the most popular guy in school, and stand up to the current queen of popularity, but also keep her personal genie from trashing her room, dressing like a nerd, and revealing to her mom that he's living in their attic. For someone who's supposed to be helping her, he couldn't be making her life any worse. That is, until she starts to fall for him.

About the Author:
Chelsea M. Campbell grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where it rains a lot. And then rains some more. She finished her first novel when she was twelve, sent it out, and promptly got rejected. Since then she's written many more novels, earned a degree in Latin and Ancient Greek, become an obsessive knitter and fiber artist, and started a collection of glass grapes. Besides writing, studying ancient languages, and collecting useless objects, Chelsea is a pop-culture fangirl at heart and can often be found rewatching episodes of Buffy the Vampire SlayerParks and Recreation, or dying a lot in Dark Souls.

"You're a star."  I say that with as much disbelief as I can muster.  He could still just be some jerk, seeing how far he can take this prank.  It'll be all over school tomorrow.  Extra!  Extra!  Good-looking Jerk Makes Adrienne Feel Like a Speck.  Again.
But… I don’t really think that.  He looks so sincere and so lost, even I have trouble convincing myself he’s just here to mess with me.
"You know it," he says, making clicking noises with his tongue and wriggling his eyebrows.
"And you're going to grant me three wishes?"
He taps his foot, antsy and impatient.  "Just doing my job."
"Fine."  I take a deep breath.  I'm not as gullible as I was two weeks ago.  I am no longer the kind of girl who believes in dreams and fairy tales coming true at the drop of a hat, no matter how many lost, sincere-sounding boys show up in the woods.  "If you're really a star, then prove it."
He reaches inside his coat and pulls out a badge.  It says his name.  Underneath that, all it says is "Star."
I shake my head.  "Not convinced.  You're going to have to do a lot better than that."
"Okay."  He grins.  He points a finger at me.  He closes one eye and pretends to take aim.  There's a flicker of light—the same bluish-white I saw before—and suddenly everything gets a lot colder.
My winter clothes are gone, and instead I'm wearing a bright pink bikini.  Complete with orange flip-flops.

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