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High School Boys (Plus: More His Kiss)

 This book includes the novel: HIGH SCHOOL BOYS (about Matt and Nicole). It also includes MORE HIS KISS (about Ally and Griffin).
Nicole and Matt have been best friends forever. Sure Nicole has always fantasized about being more than friends, but Matt goes through girlfriends like lightening. So, Nicole figures her heart is safer if they just stay buds. But then—gasp!—one night Matt kisses her. And it’s everything Nicole dreamed it would be—everything—hot, tender, perfect, everything … except now it seems their friendship is ruined. Nicole desperately wants things to go back to the way they were. But the kiss changed everything.

A romantic teen love story about a romantic teen couple--Ally and Griffin--and what happens when they first start dating. (Oh boy!!)
What has sweet Ally signed-up for dating the school bad-boy? A lot of romance and drama that she didn't see coming, that's what! But boy, his kiss makes it worth it!

Teen Romance
No Swearing
By Melanie Marks author of Fall For Me; and The Boyfriend Contract
Newest Books by Melanie Marks:
My Boyfriend, Justin
Ew, I Like You
Blackmailed Kisses

About Melanie Marks

NEWEST books: *My Boyfriend, Justin; *Friend Zone Massacre; *Ew, I Like You; *The Boyfriend Contract; (each a dollar!!)
**Update: All of Melanie Marks' books are available in the Unlimited program, or you can buy them the regular way.
Melanie's most popular books are: FALL FOR ME; and HIS KISS (right now they are only a dollar)
**Melanie's website is: (Check often. She is always writing new books)
FALL FOR ME series: Fall For Me; Fall Forever; Finn's Fall (and now also in the series is the standalone novel: LOUDER THAN WORDS)
HIS KISS series: *His Kiss *High School Boys *HER Kiss (Griffin) *Griffin *Griffin#2
*LOUDER THAN WORDS--(It's a standalone novel about Griffin's best friend from the hockey team, Mason Archer, and Mason's undying (secret) crush on the cheerleader, Summer Baker. A crush he's had since childhood.)
**"The Player (plus: Ally Has Amnesia)" That's the title. You have to type the whole thing in to find it. It has a standalone novel "The Player" plus a story with Griffin and Ally.
**Melanie's new book: RENTED REBOUND has a new story about Ally and Griffin in it.

NOTE: The book FINN'S FALL has Griffin and Ally in it as well (as a couple)--though it's Finn's story (from Fall For Me) ... also now there is a book about Ally and Griffin in Middle School called: "ALLY and GRIFFIN (Middle School)"

About the book: "HER KISS (Griffin)"--it's Griffin's story about Ally. Sort of his version of the book, His Kiss. (Also Melanie's books "GRIFFIN"; and "GRIFFIN #2" are available now as well.)
*New book--"Louder Than Words"--is a standalone novel about Mason and Summer and their life-long secret crush on each other. The book is kind of part of the Fall For Me series, because it's about Zoey's best friend, the cheerleader, Summer Baker. But it is also sort of the His Kiss series because it's also about Griffin's best friend from the hockey team, Mason Archer. (In any case, the book is a standalone and no other book needs to be read before it.)

About the book: "HIGH SCHOOL BOYS"--This standalone novel features childhood best friends Matt and Nicole in high school, and their first kiss (and fight); Plus the book includes the bonus story, "More of HIS KISSES," which continues with Griffin and Ally right after they start dating.)
*NOTE: The book FINN'S FALL is the novel that follows HIGH SCHOOL BOYS, with Matt and Nicole.

Books in Melanie's SLUMBER PARTY WARS series: Slumber Party Wars; Best Friend Wars; First Kiss Wars; Fake Boyfriend Wars; #Wars

Melanie Marks' newest series: "MATT and NICOLE (Middle School)"; "ALLY and GRIFFIN (Middle School)"; and "SUMMER and MASON (Middle School)"; NOTE: The book, "TRENT and MEGAN" also contains a story from this new series.

About Melanie's new book 'TRENT AND MEGAN'--No other book needs to be read before it. It's Trent's version of Melanie Marks' novel, THE DATING DEAL. The book also has the story "The Girl Next door" which is Luke's version of Melanie's book, HIS BEST FRIEND. The book also contains "Rune's Story" which is Rune's version of the novel, LITTLE DANCER. It also has a story about Ally&GRiffin and Matt&Nicole. No other book needs to be read before the book and right now it is only a dollar.)

*Melanie also has books under the name "M. Marks"--they're written with other author friends

MORE Melanie Marks books:
The Boyfriend Contract
My Boyfriend, Justin
Ew, I Like You
Friend Zone Massacre
First Love
Rented Rebound
The Forbidden Kiss
The Boy Next Door
Hockey Guy & Tutor Girl
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"The Player (plus: Ally Has Amnesia)"
The New Boy
Getting Lucky For Christmas
My Forbidden Heartthrob
My Brother's Best Friend
Beck Bait
My Stepbrother's Kiss
Trent and Megan
His Best Friend
Little Dancer
Matt and Nicole (Middle School)
Ally and Griffin (Middle School)
Summer and Mason (Middle School)
Griffin #2
The Dating Deal
The Stranger Inside
Slumber Party Wars
Best Friend Wars
Fake Boyfriend Wars
True Love's (Hot) Kiss
His Kiss
HER Kiss (Griffin)
High School Boys
Fall For Me
Fall Forever (book #2 of Fall For Me series)
Finn's Fall (book #3 of the Fall For Me Series)
***NEW!! Louder Than Words (standalone novel in the Fall For Me series and His Kiss series)
I Remember You
Middle School Crushes
Always Hers
When Kyle Came Back
Middle School Magic (3 book series)
Middle School Powers (4 book series) (The 4th book can be found in the book: "Matt and Nicole")
Don't Make Me Read Your Mind Matt Roberts ... Because I So Totally Can!!!

And more!

Melanie Marks was born and raised in California. She is married to a naval nuclear submarine officer and blessed with three amazingly terrific kids.

Melanie has had over sixty stories published in magazines such as Highlights and Teen Magazine as well as in various anthologies (many being Chicken Soup for the Soul books). She's had nine children's books published and fourteen teen novels, THE DATING DEAL; HIGH SCHOOL BOYS; THE STRANGER INSIDE; LOUDER THAN WORDS; GRIFFIN; GRIFFIN #2; ALWAYS HERS; FALL FOR ME; FALL FOREVER; FINN'S FALL; I REMEMBER YOU; WHEN KYLE CAME BACK; HIS KISS; HER KISS (GRIFFIN); LITTLE DANCER; and A DEMON'S KISS. More teen novels are forthcoming this spring, 2017.

Melanie's very first job was as a spot welder. She enjoys reading in the bathtub, writing in bed, and living in a house longer than two years. She loves to hear from readers. View her website at
Twitter  @ByMelanieMarks Amazon

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