Sunday, December 23, 2018

Jasper and the Shroud of Death

When Jasper is told to prepare for the coming war in Heaven, he and the Angels must take up a perilous quest to unravel the Mystery of Death. Along their expedition, Reapers seek to deter their progress and attack them. The Angel Elana captures one of these vile creatures within her Holy lasso and after questioning it, it becomes their guide.

The path to Death and beyond is vast, with a complexity that has never been realized before. If you have a fascination with the subject of Death, you won’t want to miss the content herein. But what is most shocking becomes the question of who is Death and why he is cursed to this existence.

The answers will surprise you and shake the foundations of Heaven and Hell.
Robert A. Hunt 
has always been known for his creative ideas. His passion is for reading and writing, and his insatiable desire to create what has never been created before. Because of this, Robert A. Hunt has dedicated his life to publishing books that wouldn't otherwise exist. From science, to the intelligence of other creatures, Robert A. Hunt has brought his ideas to life through action and adventure stories which are sure to intrigue readers with new perspectives and possibilities. "As a reader, I'm looking for something rich, deep, new and exciting. Unable to appease my hunger for this, I set out to make the kind of stories I was looking for." Says Robert A. Hunt.
This is the beginning of a new era of story telling.
Robert A. Hunt lives happily in a small town of British Columbia Canada with his wife and five children.
He has also created a new family company called Wordpainter books where he has teamed up with his talented oldest daughter Author Stacey T. Hunt. You can now find both of their books there as well.
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