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A Father's Broken Heart (8-Year-Old-Gracie & The Save a Soul Prayer Team Book 1)

 Hi ya’ll!
I’m Gracie and this is my story. I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley with my mama Bernice, and Miss Millie, the renter who lives with us. I sure wish she were my grandma, she's that sweet! But then, I find out in this here book that she's an honest to goodness angel! Here in Pleasant Hill, we talk a tad different sayin’ things like ya’ll, yes’m, and yes siree. Our words spoken with love warms my heart, ‘cause everyone cares about their neighbor and what's goin' on with one matters to all.

In this first Fruit of the Spirit book, I want to join my mama’s Save a Soul Prayer Team to thank God for all the people who came around us when my firefighter daddy died saving the town from a huge brush fire. Fact is, I’ve a list of wants, like havin’ a sister, helpin’ my sorrowful friend’s daddy figure out where his family has gone and…well...stuff like that. But I heard tell God can do what I can’t.

I find out how true that is when I fall into a sinkhole and Jesus meets me there. With a smile in my heart, I’m eager to do what He asks. My faith adventure takes me from the school playground to the hospital and home. And the Lord is with me, mine, and my new sister every step of the way.
Hi, Everyone,
This is Gracie!!
Thanks for stopping by to meet my author. I think she is kinda special and hope you do, too.
Gracie, Thanks for saying something so nice.
Yep, kids, I'm the author of the 8-year-old Gracie's books. Well, actually, God is because He gave me the idea and sort of got Gracie and me together. Writing about Gracie and all the others who live in the made-up town of Pleasant Hill is The MOST fun I EVER had! I hope you have FUN reading the stories, too.
If, when reading about Gracie and her love of Jesus and how He teaches her stuff based on what she's going through, you, your friends, or your folks want to become a member of The Save a Soul Prayer Team so you can submit recipes for the upcoming Billy-Bob's Christmas Cookie contest or knit prayer squares for Operation Christmas child like Patty-Cakes does in her book and get your or someone else’s name in the book where that's going on, email ** or have your folks do that for you. To find out what's going on between books visit Writing Paula-Rose at:
Now, because your folks may want to know about me, my info is below here.
 is a pastor’s wife, mother of two wonderful daughters and the grandma of seven. When her now-married daughters were little, her husband made up wonderful stories for them. She learned from him the joy of taking ordinary things and sharing them in such a way that children were blessed. What started as bedtime stories are realized in this first book written to entertain, and encourage love for God and His Word, while learning about the Fruit of the Spirit.
The author enjoys teaching ladies (at the church where her husband pastors) “How to Pray the Psalms” when Bibles studies are dark. She is a member of the church’s Prayer Team, which prays throughout the week and meets at the church weekly.
Though these books were written for children, the author knows we are all God’s kids, so everything in the books and on her soon-to-be website is for grownups, too. Paula can think of nothing more God-affirming than for families to read, discuss, and pray the Scriptures! In doing these three things, we are equipped to minister to others as Gracie & her Save a Soul Prayer Team do in these books.
Within this Spirit-filled series, the author hopes readers see 8-year-old Gracie as a role model. For this young’un finds loving support comes from her mama Bernice, their resident angel Miss Millie, and other people who are blessed because they know Jesus, read, and believe God’s Word.
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