Monday, March 4, 2019

Demons Cannot Stand

 Jane was a college student from America. She had a seemingly normal life or so she thought? Then one day while doing research, Jane discovered the country of Bolok and found something that she wanted to change. Her friends warned her to stay out of it, and that it was too dangerous. Jane knew if she did this she would be leaving behind the only world she had ever known. She had to decide if her desire to change the world was bigger than her wishes of staying. Jane knew of the evil in the world for she could see in the spirit realm. She had seen the battles between good and evil. Her mission was to stand up for God and show the world the truth. What she didn't know was that standing up for God could cost her life. Would she be able to overcome this battle? Would she be able to overcome the darkness and succeed, or would the darkness take her into a world she could not escape from?

Lynelle Skaggs

is the author of Demons Cannot Stand which is Christian Fiction! This book is a trilogy and I'm currently working on part two and three. I love to write and I also write a lot of poetry which is a healing therapy for me. I love to meet new people and my goal is to travel the world and show the love of God. I do not like the term religious because I believe it can take away from the true love of God! I love being by the ocean and the peace of it!
Twitter: @Skaggsl2017

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